The active practice of loving myself exactly as I am is radical self love. It is loving all 311 pounds of my glorious body out loud in public. It is engaging, challenging and dismantling the story that I am lacking desirability because of the size of my body. Doing this work in community with people who not only helped create that belief, but with the people who have spent years loving me as my most powerful self, feels revolutionary. My hope is that this project serves as an invitation for everyone to investigate their perceptions of beauty, in themselves and others. Most importantly, spending two hours a day for 30 days invested In seeing the parts of my body that have been made invisible and shamed as actually beautiful has made it possible for me to see others in full visibility and love. I am whole, perfect, and complete exactly as I am and exactly as I am not which is to say: I am absolutely beautiful and so are you.
Denise Jolly in Be Beautiful